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How to Display Rocks in Water

Are you a rock collector? Rock collectors know that displaying rocks is as important as collecting rocks. When displaying your collection, you have a lot of factors to consider so that your rocks appear as beautiful as possible.

One common method people use is displaying the rocks in water.

Displaying rocks in water makes even the least-pretty rocks look very beautiful. You can arrange rocks according to their color or size. You should give some thought to the arrangement of your rocks in the water as it can be important in expressing the beauty of the rocks.

How can you arrange rocks in water? What types of rocks can you display in water? This article will help you answer these questions and others about displaying your rocks in a decorative way.

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Some Awesome Ways to Arrange Rocks in Water

The way you arrange rocks in water matters a lot.

According to the container or location where the rocks are arranged (e.g. jar or fountain), here are some recommended ways to arrange rocks in water to give your collection a brilliant display:

1. Large Rocks Under, Small Rocks Above

If you have a lot of rocks that can fit into a jar, this method is recommended. Place the larger rocks in the jar before placing the smaller ones.

This arrangement helps you and your viewers to see all the types of rocks that you have collected without missing any detail. It also helps the water in the jar to settle quickly without many trapped air bubbles.

2. Large and Small Rocks Evenly Mixed

You can keep the rocks evenly mixed in a jar. While this method is popular among rock collectors, it does not help your viewers to easily (or quickly) view and identify the rocks as they appear scattered.

The advantage of this arrangement is that your viewers will not get tired of watching your collections because they will discover more rocks each time they examine the jar.

One minor disadvantage of this method is that the jar will be filled with trapped air bubbles.

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3. Arranging Rocks by Colors

If you have rocks of multiple colors, it is a great idea to arrange them based on their colors. Some recommended methods of displaying rocks in the water are:

  • Single Color per Jar: When you pour water into a jar filled with rocks of the same (or very similar) color, it gives the jar a block-like appearance. This method of arrangement is recommended only when you have a lot of rocks of different colors so that you will have multiple jars kept on the same shelf.
  • Color-Patterned Rocks Jars: You can use the rocks to create a pattern in a jar or fountain. People love a well-arranged rock collection whether it is displayed in a water-filled jar or fountain.
  • Jars with Random Colors: Just like evenly mixing both large and small rocks in a jar, you can mix rocks of different colors and keep rocks in a jar or even in a fountain by placing them randomly so that there is no visible color pattern. This arrangement is often thrilling to people viewing rock collections.

4. Evenly Sized Rocks in a Jar

A very beautiful way to keep your rocks in a jar is to keep rocks of the same size in the jar. These rocks or pebbles will beautify your home or office.

Adding water to the jar can help boost the beautiful appearance of the rocks. You should try this arrangement.

5. Rocks in and Around a Water Fountain

For large rocks that cannot be put into a jar, you should arrange them in or around your water fountains (if you have them). A water fountain is not complete without rocks to give it a nature-like appearance.

The larger rocks should be farther away from the fountain while the smaller rocks should be evenly spread across the fountain’s pool. Use rocks of different colors to add to the beauty.

6. One Rare Find Per Jar

Did you go on a trip and collect a very rare type of rock? Keeping rare rocks can be a challenge as they can easily get lost (if they are small). To properly keep your rare find, you should consider keeping it in a transparent jar and adding water to the jar to illuminate the beauty.

You can keep the jar wherever you want with the assurance that the rock will not get lost.

7. According to Location or Trips

With this method, you are arranging your rocks according to where or when you found them and not according to their size. If you are a regular rock collector, you can arrange the rocks in this manner so that you can remember where and when you collected the rocks.

If you have a lot of rocks from a particular location or trip, you should consider arranging them with the other methods listed above.

Now you know different ways to display rocks in the water. What is your favorite display method?

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Other Tips to Display Rocks in a Water Jar

You should consider the following when displaying your rocks:

1. Consider the Color of the Jar

While a transparent jar will show you and others the true color of your rocks, a slightly blue jar will give your rocks a more beautiful appearance.

You should try out different colors of jars and find the best color for your rocks.

2. Consider the Size of the Rock

Even though you can arrange rocks according to their color, you should always consider the size as placing the rocks without considering their size can make just a few rocks occupy a large space that even more could occupy.

Remember that if you are arranging your rocks according to their size, larger rocks should go in first.

3. Consider the Location of the Jar

How much light can reach the jar? How dark is the room? The amount of light that can reach your jar of rocks affects how beautiful the jar will look. As a tip, you should place your jar of rocks in a lit room.

Now you are ready to display your rocks. Congratulations.

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Related Questions and Answers

1. How Do You Prepare Rocks to Display in Water?

You should wash your rocks thoroughly before placing them in water to prevent the growth of algae. You can wash the rocks with hot water, bleach, or both. Also, remember to boil the water you will be using in the jar.

2. Can You Display Rocks in Oil Solutions?

People are recently using oil instead of water to display their rocks. Some advantages of displaying rocks in oil are:

  • Prevents Growth of Algae: Algae grows in water, so keeping your rocks in oil eliminates the growth of algae.
  • Best for Long-Term Displays: Some oil solutions can be used for more than 15 years. It is a much more permanent solution.
  • Improves Your Rock Display Colors: Just like water, oil can improve the color of your rocks.

To make your rocks appear even more beautiful in an oil solution, you can dip them in water before keeping them in the oil solution. The oil will prevent water from escaping from the pores of your rocks and they will appear shiny.

3. What Are Examples of Oil Solutions That Can You Display Your Rocks in?

Some oil solutions you can display your rocks in are:

  • Polyurethane Mixtures: This solution is the most popular among rock collectors. It is recommended because it can last for more than 15 years. You can even get water-based polyurethane mixtures.
  • Natural Oils: If you are environmentally minded, go for natural oils. The disadvantage of natural oils is that they can make your rocks look dull and they break down quickly.
  • Silicon Aerosol: This is an oil that you can spray on the rocks to keep them looking shiny and fresh. It can last for 1-2 years.
  • Resin: Resins can last more than 10 years. You should buy indoor or outdoor according to what you want.

It does not matter the type of rocks that you have, there is an oil solution for you.

4. Why is Algae Growing on Your Rocks Displayed in Water?

Algae grows on rocks that are exposed to the air or were not properly sterilized. If you washed the rocks properly, algae will not grow on them.

For rocks in a fountain, it is very common for algae to grow on them, so you have to wash the fountain regularly or use solutions that prevent the growth of algae.

5. Can You Make Rocks Look Wet Permanently?

If you spray silicone aerosol on the rocks, they will look wet for more than a year. You’d have to spray them occasionally if you want them to continue looking wet.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways to display rocks in water.

You can arrange them according to their size, their color, or even their perceived or inherent value.

Remember to keep your jar of rocks in a well-lit room to make your rocks appear as aesthetically pleasing as possible to you and your viewers.


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